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Barnard, Davel & Van Huyssteen 2010

Barnard, Etienne, Marlie H. Davel, and Gerhard B. Van Huyssteen. 2010. “Speech technology for information access: A South African case study.” AAAI Spring Symposium – Technical Report SS-10-01 (Nasfors 2007):8-13.

English: resource-scarce languages, spoken language, technology for development

Afrikaans: gesproke taal, hulpbronskaars tale, tegnologie vir ontwikkeling

English: Telephone-based information access has the potential to deliver a significant positive impact in the developing world. We discuss some of the most important issues that must be addressed in order to realize this potential; including matters related to resource development; automatic speech recognition; text-to-speech systems; and user-interface design. Although our main focus has been on the eleven official languages of South Africa; we believe that many of these same issues will be relevant for the application of speech technology throughout the developing world.


In: English

On: South African languages