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Calteaux, Sharma Grover & Van Huyssteen 2012

Calteaux, Karen, Aditi Sharma Grover, and Gerhard B. Van Huyssteen. 2012. “Business drivers and design choices for multilingual IVRs: A government service delivery case study.” Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Spoken Languages Technologies for Under-resourced Languages (SLTU), Cape Town, South Africa.

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English: business drivers, VUI design, spoken language technologies, voice services, ICT for development, multilingual emerging markets

Afrikaans: inligtingstegnologie vir ontwikkeling, sakeaandrywers, spraakdiens, spraakkoppelvlakontwerp, spraaktegnologie, veeltalige ontluikende markte

English: Multilingual emerging markets hold many opportunities for the application of spoken language technologies; such as interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Designing such systems requires an in-depth understanding of the business drivers and salient design decisions pertaining to these markets. In this paper we analyze the business drivers and design issues for a voice service (the School Meals Line) piloted in the public sector. We find that cost saving; increased customer satisfaction and improved access to services and information are the primary business drivers for this use case. The main design issues we identify for this use case; and discuss; are language offering; persona design and input modality.

In: English

On: English; Afrikaans; Sepedi; Setswana and isiZulu