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Sharma Grover, Van Huyssteen & Calteaux 2013

Sharma Grover, Aditi, Gerhard B. Van Huyssteen, and Calteaux K. 2013. “Towards an information ecosystem for animal disease surveillance using voice services.” Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Symposium on Computing for Development (DEV 2013), Bangalore, India.

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English: voice user interface, agriculture, speech interface, developing world

Afrikaans: gebruikerskoppelvlak, landbou, ontwikkelende wêreld, spraakkoppelvlak

English: In this paper we introduce a solution for disease surveillance and monitoring in the primary animal health care (PAHC) domain that uses inbound voice-based services and voice- and text-based outbound services for connecting rural veterinarians and livestock owners with a PAHC service provider. We describe our findings from the ongoing pilots; where we found that it is crucial to close the loop between data collection and information dissemination.

In: English

On: South African languages