Etymology of food names

GrootFM's Know-vember 2020

The following four soundclips were produced originally for GrootFM’s 2020 Know-vember campaign. I added some visuals and text to accompany the sound clips.

Have you perhaps also grown up with one of the most delicious desserts out there? Thick milk (amasi) with sugar! Learn more about how thick milk leads to cottage cheese, and cottage cheese to triangular cottage cheese freezer tart.

Is a koeksister and koesister the same thing? And is it spelled koeksister or actually koeksuster? And where does boerkaiing and koekmakranka fit into the picture?

A few milk derivatives || (c) 2020 Van Huyssteen

The 2017 AWS (Afrikaans word-list and spelling rules) acknowledged the words brownie (next to sjokoladebruintjie), and smoothie (next to gladdejantjie) for the first time as Standard Afrikaans words. Where do these words come from?

Two South African favourites are Hertzoggies and Smutsies – two kinds of jam tartlets with a history as rich as the South African political history.