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Sharma Grover et al 2010a

Sharma Grover, Aditi, Gerhard B. Van Huyssteen, and M. W. Pretorius. 2010. “An HLT profile of the official South African languages.” 2nd Workshop on African Language Technology: AfLaT 2010:3-7.

English: BLaRK, human language technology, human language technology audit, language audit, language resource infrastructure, language resource management, language resources, resource-scarce languages, South Africa, technology audit

Afrikaans: BLaRK, hulpbronskaars tale, mensetaaltegnologie, mensetaaltegnologieoudit, Suid-Afrika, taalhulpbron, taalhulpbronbestuur, taalhulpbroninfrastruktuur, taaloudit, tegnologieoudit



In: English

On: South African languages