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Sharma Grover, Van Huyssteen & Pretorius 2011a

Sharma Grover, Aditi, Gerhard B. Van Huyssteen, and M. W. Pretorius. 2011. “The South African human language technology audit.” Language Resources and Evaluation.

English: BLaRK, human language technology, human language technology audit, language audit, language resource infrastructure, language resource management, language resources, resource-scarce languages, South Africa, technology audit

Afrikaans: BLaRK, hulpbronskaars tale, mensetaaltegnologie, mensetaaltegnologieoudit, Suid-Afrika, taalhulpbron, taalhulpbronbestuur, taalhulpbroninfrastruktuur, taaloudit, tegnologieoudit

English: Human language technology (HLT) has been identified as a priority area by the South African government. However; despite efforts by government and the research and development (R&D) community; South Africa has not yet been able to maximise the opportunities of HLT and create a thriving HLT industry. One of the key challenges is the fact that there is insufficient codified knowledge about the current South African HLT components; their attributes and existing relationships. Hence a technology audit was conducted for the South African HLT landscape; to create a systematic and detailed inventory of the status of the HLT components across the eleven official languages. Based on the Basic Language Resource Kit (BLaRK) framework Krauwer (ELRA Newslett 3(2); 1998); we used various data collection methods (such as focus groups; questionnaires and personal consultations with HLT experts) to gather detailed information. The South African HLT landscape is analysed using a number of complementary approaches and based on the interpretations of the results; recommendations are made on how to accelerate HLT development in South Africa; as well as on how to conduct similar audits in other countries and contexts.


In: English

On: South African languages