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Van Huyssteen, Puttkammer, Pilon & Groenewald 2007

Van Huyssteen, Gerhard B., Martin J. Puttkammer, Suléne Pilon, and Hendrik J. Groenewald. 2007. “Using machine learning to annotate data for NLP tasks semi-automatically.” Proceedings of International Workshop on Computer-Aided Language Processing.

English: machine learning, bootstrapping, linguistic data, TurboAnnotate, Afrikaans, Setswana

Afrikaans: Afrikaans, masjienleer, Setswana, skoenlussteekproefneming, taalkundige data, TurboAnnotate

English: Developing digital resources is an expensive and time-consuming endeavour; especially in the case of less-resourced languages. We developed TurboAnnotate in an attempt to accelerate the annotation of linguistic data by means of bootstrapping linguistic data for machine-learning purposes. The design and functionality of the tool is given to show how machine learning is used in the annotation process. It is shown that TurboAnnotate does not only promise to help increase the accuracy of human annotators; but also to save enormously on human effort in terms of time.


In: English

On: Afrikaans and Setswana