Van Huyssteen 2004

Van Huyssteen, Gerhard B. 2004. “Motivating the composition of Afrikaans reduplications: a cognitive grammar analysis.” In Studies in Linguistic Motivation, edited by G. Radden and K. U. Panther, 269-292. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

English: Afrikaans, autonomy, cognitive grammar, composition, constituency, correspondence, dependence, metonymy, profile determinacy, reduplication

Afrikaans: afhanklikheid, Afrikaans, kognitiewe grammatika, komposisie, konstituering, metonimie, ooreenkoms, outonomie, profielbepaaldheid, reduplikasie

English: This contribution is aimed at an explanation of the motivation for the composition of Afrikaans grammatical and onomatopoeic reduplications within a cognitive grammar framework. It is illustrated that we can adequately describe the formation of reduplications in terms of four valence factors; viz. correspondence; profile determinacy; autonomy/dependency asymmetry; and constituency. By claiming that reduplications in Afrikaans are motivated largely by metonymies like MORE OF FORM FOR MORE OF CONTENT; WHOLE THING FOR A PART OF THE THING; TWO PROCESSES FOR AN INDEFINITE NUMBER OF PROCESSES; and PRODUCT FOR PRODUCER; an indication of the relation of metonymy to grammar is given; thereby offering a psychologically plausible and natural description and explanation of the motivation for Afrikaans reduplications.


In: English

On: Afrikaans