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Taxonomy of Afrikaans part-of-speech categories

This taxonomy represents all part of speech categories and sub-categories in Afrikaans, together with examples for each (sub-)category. The categorisation is based on the morphosyntactic features of a word, and not on semantics.


  • This taxonomy is the result of many years of discussions between me and Suléne Pilon; although we still disagree on aspects of the image (will two people ever agree on a full taxonomy of part-of-speech categories?), the intellectual property of this taxonomy is as much hers as mine.
  • Over many years, but especially also in recent times, I have had many conversations with students and colleagues about these categories. I’m in debt to all of them, but specifically (alphabetically): Adri Breed, Johanita Kirsten, and Bertus van Rooy.
  • All errors and fallacies remain mine.