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Trollip & Van Huyssteen 2018

Trollip, Eddie Benito, and Gerhard B. Van Huyssteen. 2018. “The linking morpheme in Afrikaans: a Cognitive Grammar description.” SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics [online] 15 (3):37-70.

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English: Afrikaans, Cognitive Grammar, interfix, linking element, linking morpheme, morphology

Afrikaans: Afrikaans, interfiks, kognitiewe grammatika, morfologie, verbindingselement, verbindingsmorfeem

English: In Germanic languages the linking morpheme; like the ·s· in Afrikaans seun·s·naam ‘boy’s name’; or ·en· in Dutch pann·en·koek ‘pancake’ is quite common. This word element has been the topic of discussion in the past; with no definite consensus about its origin or possible semantic input. There has been a renewed interest in this phenomenon; especially during the last few years; and not exclusively for Germanic languages. The objective of this paper is to categorise the linking morpheme in Afrikaans in terms of principles from Cognitive Grammar culminating in the postulation of the linking morpheme in two categorisation networks. The goal to construct categorisation networks are met in the conclusion to the paper; and it is concluded that the function of the linking morpheme is semantically highly schematic; but not functionally not negligible.

In: English

On: Afrikaans