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Van Huyssteen & Verhoeven 2014

Van Huyssteen, Gerhard B., and Ben. Verhoeven. 2014. “A taxonomy for Afrikaans and Dutch compounds.” Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2014): The First Workshop on Computational Approaches to Compound Analysis (ComAComA), Dublin, Ireland.

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English: Afrikaans, compound, Dutch, morphology

Afrikaans: Afrikaans, morfologie, Nederlands, samestelling

English: The linguistic categorisation of compounds dates back to some of the earliest work in linguistics. The cross-linguistic compound taxonomy of Bisetto and Scalise (2005); later  refined in Scalise and Bisetto (2009); is well-known in linguistics for understanding the grammatical relations in compounds. Although this taxonomy has not been used  extensively in the field of computational linguistics; it has the potential to influence choices with regard to compound annotation and understanding in natural language  processing. For example; their 2005 taxonomy formed the basis for the large-scale; multilingual database of compounds; called CompoNet. The aim of this paper is to  examine their latest taxonomy critically; especially with a view on rigorous implementation in computational environments (e.g. for the morphological annotation of  compounds). We propose a number of general improvements of their taxonomy; as well as some language-specific refinements.

In: English

On: Afrikaans and Dutch