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Verhoeven et al 2014a

Verhoeven, Ben, Menno M Van Zaanen, Walter Daelemans, and Gerhard B. Van Huyssteen. 2014. “Automatic compound processing: compound splitting and semantic analysis for Afrikaans and Dutch.” Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2014): The First Workshop on Computational Approaches to Compound Analysis (ComAComA), Dublin, Ireland.

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English: Afrikaans, compound, compound splitting, Dutch, human language technology, morphology, semantic analysis, semantics

Afrikaans: Afrikaans, kompositum, kompositumverdeling, mensetaaltegnologie, morfologie, Nederlands, samestelling, samestellingverdeling, semantiek, semantiese analise

English: Compounding; the process of combining several simplex words into a complex whole; is a productive process in a wide range of languages. In particular; concatenative compounding; in which the components are “glued” together; leads to problems; for instance; in computational tools that rely on a predefined lexicon. Here we present the AuCoPro project; which focuses on compounding in the closely related languages Afrikaans and Dutch. The project consists of subprojects focusing on compound splitting (identifying the boundaries of the components) and compound semantics (identifying semantic relations between the components). We describe the developed datasets as well as results showing the effectiveness of the developed datasets.

In: English

On: Afrikaans and Dutch